Friday, 22 August 2008

Jonathan Edward's works online

Since 1953 Yale university has been publishing the works of the great American theologian Jonathan Edwards (1703-1758). Yale received a donation of Edward's papers in 1901. The publishing program was completed in 2007 with 26 beautifully presented volumes. However there are still numerous unpublished manuscripts. Now the centre has opened a beta trial version of Edwards' works online. Incredibly they plan to make available all Edwards' works, including the previously unpublished papers, as well as lots of secondary literature. It really is worth having a look at what is available already on the site, which includes all Edwards' major works. This will be a wonderful resources for scholarship as well as browsing.

The picture is of Edward's house in Stockbridge where he lived as a missionary to the Indians after leaving Northampton.

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Joel said...

Awesome, it comes with a Scripture index. Thanks for the link!