Thursday, 21 August 2008

Information Night - Marriage: Why Bother?

Last night we discovered marriage is definitely worth bothering with - and so is PTC!

Wednesday night 20th August was Information Night 2008, and about 50 men and women came to hear an "Introduction to the PTC" and a sample lecture from John McClean titled "Marriage Why Bother?"

John 'talked up' the value of Ethics as a theological discipline, (as the place where our theology is brought down from the abstract to the real lives Christians live.) Then in his paper 'Marriage Why Bother?', John presented an overview of his own method in Ethics, as well as a demonstration of it in a compelling defence of marriage as foundational to society.

During the night we also heard about the ministry of PTC, with up dates on the latest news (e.g. the new M.A. Units and Ministry Training for Women being offered in 2009.) Along with that we enjoyed singing, prayers and interviews with students.

As I promoted info night 2008 this year I boldly promised great things from John McClean's lecture and so I was rather relieved when he lived up to all my (and our) expectations. I thought I would finish this post with some of the ideas he presented in his sample lecture:
  • Marriage is indeed foundational in our human communities and human experience.
  • Marriage is not for sex. Instead, sex is for marriage.
  • Marriage is the norm in the Old Testament - but something radical happens with the arrival of Jesus. In the New Testament, whilst marriage is still very good and important, singleness becomes an important vocation too.
  • In the eschaton, the goal of human marriage will finally be reached when we enjoy union with the bridegroom, gathered together around Jesus Christ as his perfect bride.
  • Whilst we wait for that day, our singleness and our marriages are important gifts from God to be enjoyed as his servants.
So there it is - while we wait for the return of Christ we should definitely keep on 'bothering '.

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