Friday, 8 August 2008

Latest Biblical Studies Carnival

John Hobbins is hosting the Biblical Studies Carnival this month - a roundup of recent blogs on matters of interest to biblical scholars and students. This one is helpfully subdivided into three sections and contains lots of useful information and comment, some of which I may find time to get back and comment on later: (1) Rock Hard Rockin’ Scholarship based on Primary Sources; (2) Controversies; and (3) Posts on Specific Texts.

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John McClean said...

John D,
The Carnival of Biblical Studies has a link to a summary of David Clines' SBL paper on Psalm 23 which we heard.

He applied a variety of hermeneutical approaches, but the paper primarily played on a hermeneutic of suspicion and the suspicion that shepherd's care for sheep is self-interested and always ends with the sheep getting fleeced or worse!

I know you have a take on Psalm 23 which would question the basic assumption of his reading (and most traditional takes as well). If you have a chance do you want to share that with us?