Thursday, 17 September 2009

Divine flu: a health warning

Ben Myers has a recent post with an excerpt from an article by Kim Fabricius on the dangers of both neo-liberalism and conservative evangelicalism. While some of the critiques of the latter will take some readers of this blog beyond their comfort zone (and I'm not agreeing with all of the comments), it is well worth reflecting on the matters raised. We need to see ourselves as others see us and ask whether we have simply identified an evangelical subculture with revealed truth. 

Friday, 4 September 2009

Visit of Paul Helm

The British philosopher and theologian, Paul Helm, will be giving guest lectures at PTC (77 Shaftesbury Road Burwood, NSW) from 3pm till 5pm on Tuesday 15th September dealing with aspects of

• The age of reason (17th century); 

• The enlightenment (18th century); and

• The appropriation by Luther and Calvin of 16th century philosophy

(or whateveer else he is in the mood for!).

These lectures are open to all at no cost and no registration required. Just turn up.

Paul Helm is Professor in History and Philosophy at Kings College, University of London, and holds the J.I. Packer Chair in Theology and Philosophy, Regent College, Canada.

Amongst numerous other interests, Dr Helm has special expertise in the links between Calvin's thought and its development among Calvinists of the 17th century and is the author of Calvin and the Calvinists, 1982. 

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Blog Conference on Women in Ministry

Dave has written to let our readers know that over at the Ryde Presbyterian Church site a blog conference on women in ministry has started. The first post, by Peter Barnes (part time lecturer at the PTC) is up.
Future contributors include John McClean and a couple of past PTC students.