Friday, 8 August 2008

Covenant Theology & McGowan

All this week Andrew McGowan has been teaching an MA subject on "Scottish Covenant Theology". He has been working through a century a day and today will come to the 20th century. At the end of the course he is going to outline his ideas for the future of covenant theology and I know he has suggestions about reformulating it.

During the week he has been able to explore all sorts of issues in the history of the Presbyterian churches in Scotland. Yesterday he shared with the class a complicated chart of all the schisms and reunions since 1560!

It has been great for students to hear about all this history from someone who lives among it and who brings a careful evangelical assessment to it all. There have been about 30 students doing the course. The intensive is a hard form for everyone and I'm sure Andrew and the students will be exhausted by the end of today.


Anonymous said...

Were Dr McGowan's lectures recorded? If so, will they go on sale and how do I buy them?

Tony Johnson

John McClean said...

I'm afraid not. Dr McGowan did not want the sessions recorded. He is writing a book on the topic though I think it is a few years away yet. He has published some material which I've listed below and you could follow those up.


The Federal Theology of Thomas Boston (Carlisle: Paternoster, 1997).

‘In Defence of Headship Theology' in Jamie A. Grant and Alistair I. Wilson (eds) The God of the Covenant: Biblical, theological and contemporary perspectives ( Leicester : Apollos, 2005).

‘The Unity of the Covenant' and ‘Scottish Covenant Theology' in J.A. Pipa & C.N. Willborn (eds) The Covenant: God's Voluntary Condescension ( Taylors , SC : Presbyterian Press, 2005).