Monday, 4 August 2008

Ministry Training for Women

We have an exciting new development at PTC next year. We are starting a training strand for women, with the creative title Ministry Training for Women (MTW). The idea is that often theological training is designed by men and for men, so here is a strand which is designed for women. Carmelina Read, our Dean of Women, has had a large role in getting this started and we have recruited an advisory board of fine spiritually mature women who will help us shape things. They meet tonight for the first time to cast their eye over the plans.

MTW will mesh in with any study program a woman wants to pursue, from a certificate to an MDiv (or even an MA). It will focus on developing insight and skills for church and evangelistic, teaching and pastoral service; and will be a 'safe' place for women to think and learn about issues which affect how they experience church life. It is not primarily for 'vocational' ministry, but will be part of the training for women who want preparation for that (including our deaconess candidates). As well as lectures and seminars over four years, we will also provide or support mentoring and field education. Students will also be able to work on a project relevant to women's ministry.

MTW has received a fair bit of interest and we are having a launch on Friday 15th August at PTC. Anyone interested is welcome to join us. Let us know if you're coming (so we have enough desert and coffee!). There was an article in the August edition of the Pulse (the magazine of PCNSW) with more details.

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