Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Latest Tyndale Bulletin

The latest TB arrived yesterday and I’ve started dipping into it (doesn’t that glossy paper smell wonderful?).
John Goldingay does what he does best – getting us to think carefully about the big picture questions of the OT and its relation to the NT. He argues that it is the canonical shape of the OT as a whole, including the non-narrative bits, that ought to inform our OT theology. So it is not history (à la biblical theology movement) which determines theology. While he does argue that there is a canon within the canon, by which he means that some texts (e.g. those dealing with the regulation of divorce) are secondary (e.g. to those dealing with the marriage ideal), Goldingay wants us to hear the voice of the OT in its own terms, not ignoring any portion of the OT because it doesn’t seem to square with the NT, or with our modern sensitivities. We do read the OT in the light of the gospel, but not in such a way as to subsume the OT under the New. There is no wrath–love or works–faith contrast operating between the Testaments. While provocative at one level, I loved this comment on the extent of the OT canon: “We do have to choose between the Hebrew-Aramaic list of books and the Greek one [i.e. including the Apocrypha], and I choose the Hebrew-Aramaic one, though I do not think it makes a whole lot of difference except ... for increasing the amount of the Old Testament we ignore.”

Christopher Seitz offers a response, though concentrates on things which I felt were on the margins of Goldingay’s concerns (e.g. the question of a canonical order of the books).

Other articles in this issue, waiting to be read, are:
‘I hate them with perfect hatred (Psalm 132:21-22) – Eric Peels
Aberrant Textuality? The case of Ezekiel the (Porno) Prophet – Andrew Sloane
Conceptualising Fulfilment in Matthew – Daniel Kirk
Expulsion from the Synagogue? Rethinking a Johannine Anachronism – Edward Klink
The Deliverer from Zion: The Sources and Function of Paul’s Citation in Romans 11:26-27
- Christopher Bruno
John or Paul? Who Was Polycarp’s Mentor? – Kenneth Berding
The Measure of Stewardship: Pistis in Romans 12:3 – John Poirier

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