Tuesday, 8 July 2008

SBL in Auckland - Tuesday lunch

Several of us are at SBL International conference in Auckland this week. If has been good fun so far. There are heaps of Aussies here (the majority of delegates I'd guess) and lots of people various ones of us know from different places. Like all conferences of this sort some papers are better and more stimulating than others.

My favourites so far have been a paper by Mervyn Duffy on the place of language in Eden, and one by Peter Lockwood from the Lutheran College in Adelaide arguing that the narrator of Judges in sensitive to some of the ethical problems of the conquest and builds a case to "qualify, modify and justify" the violence of his account. Mervyn's paper was stimulated by a claim by the modern Catholic theologian Chauvet that Augustine and Aquinas suggest that there is no place for language in the garden of Eden. Chauvet sees this as an example the classical metaphysics (or onto-theology) of the tradition and he opposes this with a view which see reality as constituted by language all the way down. Mervyn was arguing that the tradition has a stronger place for language than Chauvet allows. He pointed to some material in both Augustine and Aquinas which go some way to demonstrating this, though I was not convinced that their Neoplatonism does not have more of an effect on their views. 

I'll try to mention a few other papers later today, but now I am off to do my own paper on Pannenberg.

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linden said...

Thanks for the report John!

Having just preached on Judges, I would say that the writer does seem sensitive to the ethical problems of the conquest...the conquest itself is a kind of lex talionis.

I am now intrigued and will have to read Mr Lockwood's paper!