Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Creation care - a time for action

Lots of us know that we should do more to care for God's world, but are not quite sure what to do. Lots of the groups which want to act have a pagan worldview, or a version of eco-theology which is syncretistic. So what do we do?

A Rocha is Christian ministry with good theological foundations and a commitment to creation care. This video below explains more.

A Rocha is trying to get started in Australia and is holding a meeting at PTC on Saturday 19th July, 9:30-3:30 pm. The meeting will hear from Ian Packer the Director of Public Theology for Australian Evangelical Alliance on "Loving God Caring for His creation" and will talk about establishing A Rocha in Australia.

This is an exciting development and I'd urge Sydney folk to get along. You can get the details from the PTC website and download a poster which you can put up at church. If, like me, you can't make it then get in touch with  Stuart Blanch (details on poster) to register your interest in the project.

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