Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Evangelism in Auburn NSW

While my colleagues are in Kiwiland, I took a trip there myself at the local cinema last night. Prince Caspian is a wonderful tale (did you know filming started in Auckland in 2007), and I enjoyed it all in the comfort of my local cinema in Auburn NSW. It was interesting savouring the Golden Lion and his disciples in a strongly Muslim context.
The film was warmly appreciated by the audience who applauded at the end (the first time I have heard that for years) but I wonder how many there had a clue about the allegorical/Christian meaning.
Lewis claimed that his tale was about "the restoration of true religion after a corruption". But in a multi-faith context the average reader/viewer might question Lewis' vision as to which religion is the true one any way. To put it another way, I sense the Narnian genre of evangelism loses traction where there is no common memory of true faith. Sadly (for this artform's impact) that world is not our world anymore.
Our gospelling needs to be a tad more explicit - but hey Caspian and co. still warmed my Christian heart.
Thanks Pussycat, Prince and Pevensies!

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