Wednesday, 23 July 2008

New titles at PTC Library

The book of Psalms : a translation with commentary
/ Robert Alter. New York, NY : W.W. Norton & Company, Inc., 2007. 9780393062267

This timeless poetry is beautifully wrought by a scholar whose translation of the Five Books of Moses was hailed as a “godsend” by Seamus Heaney and a “masterpiece” by Robert Fagles. Robert Alter's The Book of Psalms captures the simplicity, the physicality, and the coiled, rhythmic power of the Hebrew, restoring the remarkable eloquence of these ancient poems. His learned and insightful commentary shines a light on any obscurities of the text.

/ James McKeown. Grand Rapids, MI : William B. Eerdmans Publishing Company, 2008. 9780802827050

The first Old Testament commentary in the new Eerdmans’ Two Horizons series, McKeown begins with exegesis of the Hebrew text, highlighting the recurrence of key words, phrases, and themes throughout the book. He also draws attention to passages particularly pertinent to earlier readers either facing or returning from exile, offering an historical context outside a solely Christian perspective.

The second half of the book unpacks the numerous theological horizons of Genesis — main unifying themes (descendants, blessing, land); key theological teachings of Genesis (creation, fall, character and image of God, life of faith); and the contribution of Genesis to theology today, including its impact on science, ecology, and feminist theology.

1 Samuel : looking for a leader / John Woodhouse, general editor R. Kent Hughes. Wheaton, IL : Crossway Books, 2008. 9781581348736

The latest volume in the Preaching the Word series, under the editorship of R. Kent Hughes, has the current principal of Moore College (and longtime Old Testament scholar) John Woodhouse working through 1 Samuel. He demonstrates that 1 Samuel's Biblical context provides serious reflection on our need for leadership, and the failure of human leaders. But it also reveals God's answer for Israel, which turns out to be his answer for the whole world and for each of us individually. This perceptive commentary not only illumines Old Testament history but points to the New Testament promise that was fulfilled in Jesus, our sovereign leader and Saviour.

Henry Bullinger (1504-1575) : shepherd of the Churches / George M. Ella. Eggleston, Durham : Go Publications, 2007. 9780954862435

The publisher claims this biography of Henry Bullinger is the first full-length study of his life and works ever to appear in the English language. Today Bullinger is almost unknown amongst English-speaking Christians, yet he was the best known theologian in Britain during the entire Reformation period. Dr George M. Ella is an historian and theologian who has written biographies on William Cowper, William Huntington, John Gill, James Hervey and Augustus Montague Toplady.

*Text taken from various on-line reviews*


John McClean said...

Thanks Laurie. I hope you can give us a post like this again from time to time. I hope there will be a review of the John Woodhouse volume in the next edition of Crucible.

If you get a chance you could tell us about the two new Calvin works that have come in.

sujomo said...

The book by George Ella is a very good introduction to Bullinger. Ella has studied much of Bullinger's voluminous correspondence. He argues that Calvin was much helped and influenced by Bullinger.

Unfortunately, he does not give full references to back up his views. The book is well worth reading.

Great to see our library acquiring more books on the Swiss Reformation!

Joe Mock