Monday, 30 March 2009

Justice in the city

I just opened the envelope with the latest copy of CASE magazine. I was quick to open it because it has an article Mark Glanville (a PTC graduate) and I wrote on "Justice in the city". It isn't about batman (we aren't that cool - we'll I'm not).

We look at how the city highlights issues of justice and intensifies the challenges and argue that the evangelical church can not leave this issue to the "liberals" while we get on with mission. A concern for justice (not simply charity) has to be part of the scope of our part in God's mission.

We use the Ten Commandments to sketch out what justice should look like, because any account of justice is always grounded in an anthropology. Justice can't be just "treating everyone the same", it has to have some goal. Even if we have an "autonomous ethic" and we let people choose their own story, that comes from a view of human nature (a view which says human nature is does not exist or at least has no goal).

You can't read the article on-line. You'll have to subcribe (which you can do here) or you might be able to find it in your local theological library. You'll find a copy in PTC library.

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