Thursday, 9 April 2009

Discendi Studio

Today we wrap up Discendi Studio the theology conference supported by the three Presbyterian Colleges in Australia. The title means "zeal to learn" and comes from a line from Calvin's Institutes. The theme has been "Calvin and theological scholarship" and we've had some great examples of just that. Some of the papers have been Calvin Scholarship - such as Calvin and the Jews, or Calvin as a commentator. Others have looked at historical issues such as the rise of Calvinism in Australia (1938-78) or various theological and Biblical topics with some interaction with Calvin. One of the highlights of the conference have been the short papers which students and others have done. The genre of a 20-25 minute brings as brevity and clarity which Calvin would have appluaded.

It has been great seeing students, staff and others from different states getting to know each other, talking through issues and finding out about the state of play in different states. I hope that people will stay in touch.

The presentations have been recorded and they should be available in some form (watch this space).


Michael F. Bird said...

Sounds like it was a great conference. Someone told me that there was even a name badge there with my name on it! I wish I'd been there to wear it!!

John McClean said...

not sure how that happened - all very strange. Perhaps it is a sign.