Thursday, 12 March 2009

Commencement and Graduation

Last night we had our annual Commencement and Graduation. It was great night. We welcomed lots of new students (John Davies told us that there had been a 17% increase in enrollments and it certainly feels like that). Here is a shot of the new students being welcomed.

We graduated our first Doctoral Student, Max Gilbert (below) who wrote a thesis on Jesus claim to divinity in his use of Ps 110:1; and David Balzer who teaches NT recieved his MTh for a thesis on temple in John's Gospel.

People graduated with other awards as well. Hamdy Awad and Roland Lowther with MA (Theology); Cornelius Nel, Joel Radford and Ian Stenhouse with MDiv; Clare Aroney, Robert Aroney, Karen Astles and Virginia Fay with Grad Dip of Div; Brett Graham with BTh (1st class honours) and Matthew Hong, Jimmy Liang and George Medvedsky with BTh; Steve Pym and Russell Smidt with Advanced Dip Theol and Farid Awad and Jillian Patterson with Cert Theol. Stephen Gould, Russell Smidt, Brett Graham, Ian Stenhouse, Kyou Hong, David Yu and Steve Pym also recieved our Diploma of Theological Studies which is the academic qualification for ordination. Congratulations to everyone for all the hard work that these awards represent. We are excitied about the prospects for service of Christ which all our graduates are taking up.

We also had a wonderful version of "Nothing but the Blood of Jesus" from our student ensemble put together for the the evening. I think this should not be their only gig. Here is a shot of the singers.

The evening finished with a excellent address by Sandy Macmillan (minister of the church in South Wagga Wagga). Sandy took us to Ps 67 and challanged us to thank God for his blessings and aim for his glory. Great words for a graduation.

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