Sunday, 9 March 2008

Moses high on Mt Sinai

Moses was high on drugs when he allegedly heard God speaking to him on Mt Sinai. Or so says Israeli scholar Benny Shannon of the Hebrew University. Apparently the drug is found in the bark of the acacia tree found in the Sinai region. What Shannon doesn’t tell us (or at least the report of his research) is whether Moses smoked it, chewed it or injected a potion brewed from it. But what a relief it is for the world to learn that we no longer need to take seriously the standards called for by a holy God. Though why Moses would have come up with laws discouraging adultery, theft, murder, false testimony and the like, when experience suggests that mind altering substances have a tendency to loosen up our “inhibitions” in these areas, is not explained by this professor of cognitive psychology. Oh, I just noticed. His knowledge about the drug is the first-hand knowledge of a user.

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houseofwalls said...

I thought it was obvious John. Moses was given two tablets to take!!