Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Hermeneutics Quiz

Christianity Today has a hermeneutics quiz. It rates your hermeneutic, with the lower the score the more conservative or literalist you are. What title is the right one for each position would be a matter of debate itself.

I scored 60, and 53-65 is moderate, so I guess I am a moderate moderate! Lots of the questions I wanted to write an essay about and struggled to fit my response in any category, but you've got to give some answer or the quiz dosen't work. Scot McKnight, who crafted the quiz, gives his commentary on it, and some of the views that he thinks are contradictory don't seem that to me. I think there is a consistent redemptive-historical hermeneutic which deals with many of these questions.

I'll be interested to hear what everyone else scores!


John Davies said...

I scored 57 (moderate also), but found it very facile, not always giving me an adequate choice and at other times creating false dichotomies. The implication seems to be that if you go for option 5 for a paarticular question, you somehow sit looser to the authority and relevance of Scripture, yet for one or two questions a 5 seemed to me the only way to maintain the integrity and relevance of Scripture. The quiz seems to presuppose that individual as distinct from community-based interpretation lines up with "conservative" hermeneutics whereas it would seem to me to be the community which tends to conserve a received understanding.

Pete Moore said...

I was a 51 but I agree with John Davies about how frustrating the questions were. Reading Scripture in community, and with a Christologocal hermeneutic seem somehow right together and thoroughly faithful to a conservative viewpoint, but the questions seemed to resist this idea.

John McClean said...

Mark Thompson (from Moore College) tried the quiz. He reported " I scored 48 on the hermeneutics scale which might mean
(a) I am a naive fundamentalist after all (b) My choices on one or two
questions where I wasn't really all that happy were not the right ones (c)
Anglicans really are more conservative theologically than Presbyterians
after all or (d) nothing at all."

My wife, Liz, also had a go and commented that "I scored 61 making me slightly less conservative than both John D and John McC - I think most people will end up in the bracket due to the extremities posed by some of the questions. An interesting excercise though which brought to my attention at least one inconsistency with my approach to the Bible!"

Ian Smith said...

I scored 50 - which makes me a conservative.

I scored the quiz about an 80 with its liberal questioning that pre-determined the answers. Such liberalism often leads to greater rigidity!