Sunday, 16 March 2008

Going Public


Tonight the PTC blog has gone public for the first time. We've been trying it out and making sure we had some content on board. Now we want to be out there in the blogosphere and we're interested to know if you call in and have a look.

I've just come back from church, where I was preaching on Ephesians 1:15-23. It is one of the best nights I've had for good discussions afterwards. How wonderful to spend time talking about the exaltation and ascension of Christ and our hope in his final victory and what it means to 'know' that - tasting, living, walking the reality of being in Christ. The conversations reinforced my impression that lots of people think of the Christian life and being forgiven by Jesus death and going to heaven when we die and trying to be good in between: with no real role for the ascension, Christian experience or New Creation eschatology. I know the latter are sometimes promoted in contrast to the former, but surely we need all these themes (and more).

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Naomi and Steve said...

Great work! The blog looks great!! Was sad to miss graduation but had a clash with Naomi's graduation. Good to see
it was an encouraging night :)
Keep up the good work on the blog - it's a good read!

In Christ,