Thursday, 13 March 2008

Graduation and Commencement

Last night we had our graduation and commencement service. About 20 graduates received a range of awards, and academic prizes. Everyone looked very smart in hoods and gowns, a bit different to usual college attire.
It was wonderful to celebrate the evening with family, church members and friends who have supported the students through their studies. It is exciting to think about how people have developed during their years at PTC and the obvious work of God's grace in their lives.

Simon Wong's interview and Steve Mannyx's comments on behalf of the graduating students were very encouraging.

The evening finished with a stirring 'address' from Paul Cooper, who used to teach at PTC and is now minister at Beecroft Church. He talked about 'preparation for ministry' from Luke 12 in terms of not underestimating the battle ahead. He warned us to: "be on guard against hypocrisy" (v1); "to fear God who can destroy both body and soul" (v9); and to remember that to disown the Son of Man (which is to sin against the Spirit) will mean we are disowned (vv8-10). All rather somber, though very realistic. Paul started by talking about the fallout from public ministry. We can be like Blackadder's nutty Edwardian British officers who think that the Great War will be a bit of fun. Having called us to take the battle seriously Paul encouraged us that the Lord promises his Holy Spirit who will give us words and strength (vv11-12). A good reminder of the serious work of ministry.

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