Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Blog Conference on Women in Ministry

Dave has written to let our readers know that over at the Ryde Presbyterian Church site a blog conference on women in ministry has started. The first post, by Peter Barnes (part time lecturer at the PTC) is up.
Future contributors include John McClean and a couple of past PTC students.


Dave said...

Thanks for the plug John!

Peter did a great post, but discussion so far has been heavily weighted on the egalitarian side. I wanted to encourage any complementarians out there who wanted to join in the conversation to do so.

The aim of the blog is to bring both sides together for an open and honest discussion...we still hope to do this!

Dave said...

Also John, the hyperlink does not appear to be working.

We are at

Dave said...

Thanks for the exposure for the Conference John! We had a few people link in from here which is great.

The Conference finished yesterday, though discussion is alive and well if anyone still wants to join in.

For anyone interested, the conference will be available in pdf format for interested people to download and print. In time we also hope to have a printed copy available at cost. Details will come up on the blog in time.

Thanks again