Monday, 17 August 2009

Scope of the Atonement

There is an interesting series of posts (here, here, here and here) over at Euangelion on the extent of the atonement, with concise statements of what approximate to three classic views. John McClean and I have both posted comments. 

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Anonymous said...

Your comment that the views 'approximate' classical positions is prescient.
Given the brevity and personalised nature of the statements it looked a little like hoisting three theological piƱatas and inviting folk to come and take a whack.
I look forward to someone attempting to summarise the positions using the 140 character limit of a Twitter 'tweet'.
More seriously, I also wonder if the debate at a popular level in the near future will not so much focus on the extent of the atonement (as outlined in these classical frameworks), but the manner in which it was achieved and realised.
There are tendencies both away from penal substitutionary atonement and toward forms of universalism gaining momentum. That should be concerning to all the posters involved in the series you have pointed us to.