Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Paul Barnett, honorary doctorate

Congratulations to Paul Barnett, one of our part-time lecturers (we share him with School of Christian Studies, Moore College, and Regent College, Vancouver). Paul is to be awarded an honorary Doctor of Theology degree by the Australian College of Theology. The doctorate recognises Paul’s contribution to the Anglican Church of Australia and his substantial academic and scholarly work.  Paul has (among other things) been a lecturer at Moore College, the founder of the School of Christian Studies at Robert Menzies College at Macquarie University and the Bishop of North Sydney. He has written many scholarly and popular works and is currently working on a three part series ‘After Jesus’ on the first Christian century.
The degree will be conferred at the School of Christian Studies graduation ceremony on Monday March 2, 2009 at Trinity Chapel, Robert Menzies College.

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John Davies said...

A well-deserved recognition of a fine Australian biblical scholar. It is great to have Paul as a colleague. I well remember a series of lectures on 1 Corinthians that Paul gave (that's Barnett, not the apostle) at Sydney University nearly 40 years ago which were a model of careful handling of the text and he has continued to demonstrate clarity and faithfulness in all his work.