Monday, 3 November 2008

New directions in Pooh Studies

The directions aren't so new, but are still important for all Biblical scholars to engage with! An important  advance in literary studies drawing on source and form criticism. One of our graduates sent me the link and I thought I should share it. It is probably time for a reader response paper and a feminist reading of the same texts (at least). I'd love to see them.

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John Dekker said...

This article was written by DJA Clines, by the way.

Mark Shea has also done some important work in Tolkien studies:

It's obvious to any thinking person that the whole "Tolkien Authorship Myth" must go. The Lord of the Rings was not "written" by a so-called "author" named "Tolkien". Rather, it is a final redaction of sources ranging from the Red Book of Westmarch, to Elvish Chronicles, to Gondorian records, to tales of Rohirrim which were only transcribed centuries later.