Thursday, 1 May 2008

Biblical Studies Carnival (XXIX)

Jim West conducts the very impressive Biblical Studies Carnival, which is now in its 29th edition. ( I can't think of a better verb for someone who runs a carnival). It is a wonderful roundup of biblical and theological discussion in the blogosphere. John Davies' post on Jesusanity scored an honourable mention . This edition opens with Jim wondering if he should find a new name. I like the idea that the Biblical Academy could be a carnival: colourful, unpredictable, riotous and fun. The word derives from almost the opposite meaning. The Latin "carnelevarium" was used to refer to 'Shrove Tuesday' and the 'putting off of the flesh'. If Biblical Studies can help us put off the flesh in the Biblical sense (Rom 13:14) and be a carnival at the same time, then blessings upon it.

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