Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Announcing "Crucible" a new on-line theology journal

Crucible is a new on-line theology journal sponsored by Australian Evangelical Alliance and a group of Australian evangelical colleges, including PTC. A few of us have been working on this for a year or so. It is amazing how much work is involved in getting something like this up and going. It is great to see it all live.

Crucible will have three sections: The Cauldron which will carry peer reviewed articles; The Test-tube which will offer more general ministry resources and The Filter which will have book reviews. This should be a good contribution to the Australian theological. We'd welcome contributions to any of the areas. 

The Cauldron articles in this edition (if that is the right word for an online journal) are "Can Evangelical Theology Move Beyond Foundationalism?" by  Brian Harris from Vose Seminary (formerly the Baptist College in Perth) looking at the thought of Stan Grenz and on a similar theme, "The Gospel as Public Truth" by Cheng Eng Hwa pastor of Praise Evangelical Free Church in Singapore. There is also a discussion of the importance of metaphors in the Biblical presentation of God in "The Metaphor of "Yahweh As Refuge" in the Psalms" by Melinda Cousins who teaches at the Bible College of South Australia and "Kenosis of the Spirit into Creation" by Bradford McCall who is doing a PhD at Regent University in the US. As you can see a wide range of topics.

Enjoy the first edition and think about a contribution. If you are interested in doing a book review or two let me know. My plan is to have a few reviews, but to try to get new books reviewed quickly (and well).

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