Monday, 19 April 2010

New Lecturers Nominated

Some exciting news about staffing for PTC is now public. The two nominated lecturers both have strong connections with PTC, one was a part-time lecturer in the 1990's, the other is a current student. They both bring great strengths in their respective areas.

The executive of the Theological Education Committee Executive (the governing board of the PTC) has nominated Murray Smith and David Burke to be full-time lecturers at the PTC. These nominations need to be endorsed by the Standing Committee of the Theological Education Committee (in April) and the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church of Australian in NSW (in July). The nominations are for the Rev. David Burke to be lecturer in Ministry and Practice from January 1, 2011; and for Mr Murray Smith to be lecturer in Biblical Studies from July 12, 2010.

David Burke comes with extensive ministry and academic experience, having been the minister of the Presbyterian churches in Henty, Strathfield, and Orchard Road, Singapore. He has been the Christian Education Director for the Presbyterian Church in NSW and he has lectured at several theological colleges including the PTC, and Singapore Bible College. He is married to Glenda and they have three adult children.

Murray Smith is an elder at Kirkplace Presbyterian Church in Kogarah where he coordinates teaching and training. He is in the final stages of a PhD at Macquarie University. He has had ministry experience in congregations, in secondary teaching, in university student work and in academic roles in the university sector and theological colleges (including the PTC). Murray is married to Lynette and they have three young children. (In the picture Murray is on the left, David on the right - the hairstyle is about to become the PTC standard and Ian and John Davies will just have to conform!)

This is great news for the PTC. Please pray for the ongoing process as the Assembly approaches. Please pray for these men and their families and the PTC as the team changes and grows.

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