Thursday, 9 October 2008

Get to know the classics

It is great to announce a new series happening at PTC next year. It is not exactly a lecture series, so let's just call it a series of 'evenings'.  Get to Know the Classics will be a chance to get know some of these classic works written over the centuries which are part of our Christians heritage.  We have lined up a great group of presenters and each month we will have an interesting introduction to a classic piece of Christian literature and conversation about it.

This should be a refresher for theological graduates, a good summary for students and a great introduction for thoughtful Christians. So If you live in Sydney plan to come along and let people in you church know about it as well.

Get to know the classics  will be on once a month at 7:30 on a Monday evening starting in February.  Why not arrange to have dinner with a few interested people from church each month and then come and join us.

The books and presenters are listed below. You can get an announcement to email or print from the PTC website.

2nd  February   Athanasius,  On  the  Incarnation  of  the  Word – Peter Barnes

2nd  March  Augustine,  Confessions – John McClean

6th April  Anselm,  Cur  Deus  Homo – Murray Smith

2nd May  Luther,  Bondage  of  the  Will – Mark Glanville

1st June  Samuel  Rutherford,  Lex  Rex – Steve Chavura

6th July  Blaise  Pascal,  Pensees – Peter Moore

3rd August Jonathan  Edwards,  History  of  the  Work  of Redemption – Stuart Piggin

7th September Charles  Spurgeon,  Autobiography - Stuart Johnson

10th October Bonhoeffer,  Letters  and  Papers  from  Prison – Mark Mitchell

2nd November  C. S. Lewis,  Mere  Christianity – David Thurston

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